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season 7 issue 8 Curated by Jack Caradoc

I have three poems in this pamphlet. 'Quiet, Not Empty' and 'Birds of a feather' really about exploring the  the relationship between countryside and town. 'Sixth Sense'  suggests how a poet may find inspiration.

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    Do you love art galleries? Purchase a print because you can’t afford the original? Wish you could do the same for writers? Well, you can, magazines and journals are the galleries of writers. Purchase a magazine and you get to discover creatives you never knew about, new work by established writers and stories to enjoy time and again. Under the Radar Issue 31 (single issue) (

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    All Shall Be Well Something a little different, this beautiful anthology introduced and edited by Sarah Law.



    Back when I was just beginning to write poetry a friend suggest I submit to Southlight Magazine, she lent me a few copies and I liked the format, so I gave it a go. Having those first one or two pieces chosen by an editor made me realise that I could do this; that a stranger found what I wrote meaningful enough to want to share it with others gave me confidence to keep going. I still had a lot to learn about the submitting process, but I think I will always come back to read and submit to Southlight.

    Very please to have another poem featured in Amethyst Review, inspired by a furry friend.Amethyst Review – New Writing Engaging with the Sacred (

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    The Weather Looks Promising

    December 2018

    ISBN 978-19993381-0-7

    "There is a feeling of warmth, as though the writers play off each other affectionately. And inside the pages, authorship is indicated by first name only, as though the poets are sisters". 

    My favourite poems shared a distinguishing factor - an interesting first line. Sphinx OPOI Review, 2nd edition, February 2020

    Bird Brained

      a bird count in poems

    June 2022
    ISBN 978-1-9993381-3-8

    "There is such surprise and wonder here in beautifully crafted poems, held together wonderfully in this gorgeous collection. Here is wisdom which flits and soars and hovers for you. To be Treasured" Hannah Lavery, Edinburgh Makar.

    Publications (

    Delighted to support Open Book with a contribution in this anthology.

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